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Taking Control of your life

An ancient Chinese curse says “May you live in interesting times”.  A quick look at the evening news or the internet suggests we are probably there.  We are surrounded by war, crime, disasters, corrupt politicians, corrupt corporations, a “fake news” media, and worse.  Amidst all this daily chaos you are faced with the challenges of survival.  Most people have long since given up on the concept of Thriving. 


Things don’t have be like that, however.


What if there was a way to gain control of your life, to become a more complete person?  To develop an ability to remain calm in chaos, to move through the world, feeling confident and calmly powerful?  If this concept of becoming a complete person is something that interests you, please read on.




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ATAMA Seminar 2019, at Sid Rayford's Merced, CA dojo.

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ATAMA Seminar 1994, at Bernie Weiss's Topanga Valley Karate School dojo, Canoga Park, CA.