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Women's Self-Defense Seminars
Empowerment, Knowledge, Safety

Crimes and assaults against women are on the rise.  While the latest statistics show a slight decrease in actual sexual assault and rape, overall, women are still 6 times more likely to be a victim of a sexual assault than men.  Surveys show that women report feeling less safe walking alone than men by a 2:1 or 3:1 margin.


On average, men are physically larger and stronger than women.  Women are, in general, less able to defend themselves from men in physical altercations, unless you get proper training.  Women who fight back have an 86% chance of avoiding a rape or injury!


Additional studies show that women who complete self-defense training far are less likely to be victims of sexual assault, as well as other street crimes or crimes of violence.  If such encounters do occur, women with training are many times less likely to be injured as a result.


Seminars include subjects such as:

- situational awareness

- proactive protection

- statistics on types of crime, types of attacks, and types of attackers

- basic and effective defensive techniques for the most common attack scenarios

- effective strategies of mental preparation to defuse most situations, and to be better able to mentally deal with the stress of an attack

Seminars can be arranged upon request. Please send me an email.




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