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Shihan Arlan Cage, 6th Dan

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About Shihan Cage

Arlan Cage has been a karate practitioner for more than 34 years and is a 6th Dan in traditional karate.  He has trained and studied in Shotokan, a Japanese karate system, and Shorin-Ryu, an Okinawan system.  He also has more than 25 years experience in Qigong and Tai Chi, energetic arts from China.  He is a member of the American Teachers Association of the Martial Arts (ATAMA), as well as the World Okinawan Shorin-Ryu Karate & Kobudo Association (WOSKKA).  His primary teachers are David Conklin, 8th Dan in a Shotokan/self defense system based in Torrance, CA; Bernie Weiss (now deceased), an 8th Dan in both Shotokan and Shorin-Ryu; and Sid Rayford, a 10th Dan in Shorin-Ryu, based in Merced, CA.

Non-Martial Arts Bio

In addition to his martial arts career, Arlan Cage began professional life as an engineer in the aerospace industry, and worked on the Space Shuttle program and for a large satellite manufacturer. He then returned to school to pursue a career in holistic, natural medicine.  He earned a doctorate in Naturopathic medicine and a Masters degree in Oriental Medicine, and practiced as a Naturopathic physician and Acupuncturist.

Dr. Cage operates a private Naturopathic practice in Hamilton, Montana, as well as operating an online community for health & wellness, consciousness & human potential, specializing in proven Longevity approaches. Details can be found at He teaches a system of energy medicine called the Aka Dua; and teaches seminars integrating health, human consciousness and spirituality based on his book Heal Your Life, Heal the World, He is also a consultant in the nutritional supplement industry.

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