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Private Karate Instruction
with Shihan Cage

At present I am offering karate instruction privately.  The focus of what I teach is practical self-defense, based on the applications from Kata, the Bunkai-Oyo.  The purpose of training privately is to accelerate your understanding and thereby upgrade your overall karate.


Kata, or forms, are the heart of martial arts.  Often misunderstood even by the experienced, the layers and layers of complexity in kata actually contain the most effective self-defense techniques in martial arts.  Learning this information can revolutionize your entire martial arts career.


I am trained in both Japanese and Okinawan karate.  If you feel your training has stagnated, or that you are missing something, or, are looking to jumpstart your training, I invite you to participate in private or semi-private training sessions.  (by semi-private, I refer to small groups of you, family members or friends). 

The private training sessions are best suited to students at an intermediate to advanced level.  The material I teach in private classes is not suited to beginners.


Please contact me at the email address below for details




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