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Qigong Classes

Qigong for Health and Longevity

Qigong is an ancient form of energy cultivation.  Qi, called Ki in Japan, Prana in India, and the Vital Force in ancient Europe, is a natural energy in the universe.  Modern scientists refer to the term "Subtle Energy" to describe the various phenomena from various cultures.

Modern physics gives us the best explanations of the science of Qi.  The ancient Chinese developed the study of Qi into a powerful artform.  It is part of both traditional healing methods, as well as martial arts.  

The types of Qigong I teach are aimed at promoting health and longevity.  Techniques include methods that will assist your progress to

- Sense the Qi

- Build your reserves of Qi

- Move your Qi under your conscious control

- Direct Qi for healing purposes either your own or for others

- Enhance the quality of your life, and your longevity

Winter 2023/24 Course Times

Beginning Qigong Classes

Beginning level courses are held weekly  The course time is:

● 7:00 pm - 7:45 pm, Wednesdays (Mountain time)

You may attend live, in person (address below), or via zoom.  Course fees are $5 per class, or $20 per month. 

Intermediate Qigong Classes

It is recommended that you participate regularly in the beginning level Qigong class at least one to two months prior to taking the Intermediate classes.  If you have prior experience with other instructors let me know and I can assess your readiness for more intermediate work.

Intermediate classes are held periodically, usually on 1 or 2 day weekend seminars.  The next intermediate level seminar is scheduled July 20th, 2024.  The subject is Longevity Set No. 1, and includes a sequence of Nei Dan and Cosmic Qigong Exercises.

Class time will be:

-10 am to 1 pm, Mountain time.

The course fee for this intermediate seminar is $25

NOTE!  Qigong classes are included with a registration for Dr. Cage's online health community, as well as included with the Annual Wellness Plans in his clinic.  You can read details here:

Online Community


Wellness Plans

Remote Training
To participate in the remote, on line classes, you will need the ability to have some type of webcam/microphone and display monitor in your training area, and an internet connection.  The platform I will be using is Zoom.  Most laptops, ipads, and phones have built-in cameras and microphones.  The larger the screen you use is, the easier it will be to see details of techniques and learn them properly.





Registration & Payments:

Qigong Course Registration

While we upgrade our checkout system, you need to submit BOTH the registration for AND the payment using one od the buttons above.  Thank you.

Thanks for registering.

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