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Training Offered

Shihan Cage teaches karate and qigong privately, and also offers beginning/intermediate qigong classes on-line.  


As described throughout this website, the style of karate I teach is based in a combination of Okinawan and Japanese material, and is based on principals of real-world self defense.  Training is rigorous and thorough.  Right now, classes are private, usually one-on-one or very small groups.  I hope to be offering classes live classes here in the Hamilton, Montana vicinity later in 2024.


I teach a mix of Qigong styles to develop your ability to sense, build and move the natural energy of your body that everyone possesses.  Specific exercises for individual organs are included. Once enough progress has occurred, I focus on a variety of exercises from a Taoist Qigong background aimed at promoting longevity. For class times, please see the Qigong page.  

Remote Training
To participate in the remote, on line classes for either Karate or Qigong, you will need the ability to have some type of webcam/microphone and display monitor in your training area.  The platform I will be using is Zoom.  Many laptops, ipads, and phones have built-in cameras and microphones.  The larger the screen you use is, the easier it will be to see details of techniques and learn them properly.

Women's Self-Defense

The women’s self defense courses teach awareness of your day-to-day environment and situations, the proper mindset required to be prepared to defend yourself.  Included are basic defenses against common assault scenarios – wrist grabs, chokes, etc.  We discuss using common, everyday objects as weapons of defense, and we review crime statistics about the most common and most probable types of attacks.  

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