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3 Seconds or Less!  TM

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That’s how long it should take you to end a 1-on-1 self-defense encounter.  If your current training or teaching methods don’t give you the skills and confidence to perform at this level, you should re-evaluate your methods. 

Kata is often considered to be the Soul of Karate. Without Kata, there would be no karate, and indeed, historically, we would have no martial arts. Kata, the formal exercises, or forms, were the primary method of teaching martial arts for centuries.  How prominent is kata in the way you train and teach?
- is it the basis for your self-defense instruction?
- is kata the basis for your training and teaching in basic techniques (kihon)?
- is it the basis for training the Martial Mind?

Kata contain the most efficient and most effective self defense techniques known.  They include the obvious percussive techniques (kicking and punching), and also:

- joint locks  

- strangulation/airway techniques

- throws  

- vital point striking

- grappling techniques

- bone breaking techniques

- and others                                    


In a one-on-one defensive encounter, properly executed technique should end the situation in 3 seconds or less. Many karateka doubt this, until they’re shown how!


Whether you’re a relative beginner working for your first black belt, or a seasoned veteran instructor, this material has the potential to take your teaching and training to an entirely new, and higher level. 

Focuses on core concepts: 
- Kata as a tool box, or library, of techniques
- “reverse engineering” how to properly understand kata moves for their full application of techniques
- how to utilize turns, grips, leverage, strikes, and “blocks” hidden in the kata
- how to convert kata bunkai into effective training in basic techniques (kihon) that reinforce the muscle memory of the kata.
- Level 1 Seminar usually emphasizes the Pinan/Heian family of Kata.

- emphasizes the higher level, more hidden and seldom taught techniques in kata: joint locks, throws and vital point striking
- teaches detailed bunkai for the kata Tekki/Naihanshi, Bassai Dai/Passai, Nijushiho, Empi, or others. 
- exact curriculum and katas are typically customized for your desires and student needs.


It is highly recommend you attend or host a Level 1 seminar prior to Level 2


To schedule a seminar in your school, contact Sensei Cage.

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